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You can't be a member. There's nothing to join. Just be yourself.

Church Location
There is no church. There's just you. You want to find a place with answers, look in a mirror.

Everyone is on their own. Affiliate with whomever you want.

Everyone has their own beliefs and thoughts. Some of mine are here and I'm sure your's are different. Beliefs can be based on anything you want.

Mandates and Requirements

Why use the word Church?
Since I came from a Christian foundation in life, I found it easier to write using words and terminology that are familiar. This set of ideas is the brick and mortar that makes up my personal church.

The use of the name Positivity Church
I've looked around on the internet and have not found any other references to the name, so as far as I know I'm the only one using it.

I am, and probably will remain, the only member of Positivity Church. You are welcome to claim membership if you want, but our beliefs will never match exactly. Why compromise some of your beliefs to belong to a group? Form your own beliefs and be your own person! These are mine and just happen to be on display in case someone is interested in what I happen to say about things. (but why would you?)

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